Infection Control For Every Application


For every application…

When it comes to Infection Control, Total Quality Medical Inc. has the next generation of disinfecting and sanitizing solutions which offer superior infection control for the medical community:

  • A system for the production of a sanitizing solution whenever you need it! On site and on demand
  • Effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores
  • Strong deodorizer and good cleaner
  • Not hazardous for people
  • No caustic stabilizers
  • No chemical residues left on surfaces

Using just salt, water and electricity, this superior infection control system

  • Eliminates the use of harmful chemicals
  • Reduces the quantity of plastic used
  • Reduces quantities of stored products
  • Reduces the need for packaging and transport
  • Reduces polluting chemicals for disposal
  • Produces on-site sodium hypochlorite solutions to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores
  • Sanitizes or disinfects equipment, furniture and surfaces in professional environments

For full details of this product, read the Product Brochure or visit our products page where information sheets are readily available.