Peracidin® Ro Disinfectant

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PERACIDIN® RO Disinfectant is a proprietary Peracetic Acid solution from Angelini Pharma, the leader in dialysis antisepsis and disinfection.

Available products include:

  • Peracidin® RO Disinfectant – Case 4 Gallon Bottles (1633G-04)
  • Peracidin® RO Disinfectant – Case 4 Quart Bottles (1633Q-04)
  • Peracheck® RO – Positive Check Test Strips, 100 Strops (1801-01)
  • Perasidual – Residual Test Strips, 100 strips (1702-01)

It is specifically intended for use in reverse osmosis (RO) membranes and their hemodialysis RO water distribution systems to Maximizing your water treatment system performance!

  • Recommended for disinfection of hemodialysis RO systems at a 1% dilution
  • A powerful oxidizer that inhibits microbial cell proteins and enzyme systems from growing
  • Effective in removing biofilm
  • Effectively reduces bacteria growth
  • Environmentally safe with a long-lasting life span (1 year for undiluted product and 7 days when diluted)

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PERACIDIN® RO DISINFECTANT offers a broad range of protection:

• Bactericidal
• Sporicidal
• Tuberculocidal
• Pseudomonacidal
• Virucidal
• Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria

PERACIDIN® RO DISINFECTANT is the preferred choice for hemodialysis water purification systems. Don’t get caught off label!


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