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The Nephros Ultra Filter Kit assists in preparing water or bicarbonate concentrate to meet the requirements for the production of ultra pure dialysate according to the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11663:2009 standard, removing bacteria, viruses, endotoxins and other contaminants greater than 5nm.

Available in Dual and Single Stage. The Dual Stage filter is a proprietary 2-stage filter design enables all the filtration to occur in the first stage while the second stage serves as a redundant safety filter.

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Nephros Dual Stage Ultrafilter Kit (70-0235D)
Nephros Single Stage Ultra Filter Kit (70-0243D)

Individual Parts

3/8 hose barb with v Coupling NPT Quick Connect (70-42500)
3/8 Gray Hose 225 psa per foot (70-50GPS706)
Super speed fit tube to hose stem 3/8 (70-58182)
Super speed fit JG Check Valve (70-68261)
O-ring for DSU – SSU (70-BUNA)
Sample Port (70-084040SP)

Parts for the Nephros Hospital (Dual)
DSU-H (Quick Connect) Hospital Filter (70-0285)
DSU – H (Threaded) Hospital Filter (70-0286)
Sink Install Kit (70-0262)
Shower Install Kit (70-0261)
In-Line Install Kit (70-0260)

Parts for the Nephros Hospital (Single)
SSU-H (Quick Connect) (70-0283)
SSU-H (Thread) (70-0284)
Shower Install Kit (70-0261)
In-Line Install Kit (70-0260)
S100 Sink Spout (70-0280)
S100 Sink Spray (70-0281)
S100 Hand Held (70-0282)

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